About Us

PASDF is a new organization that is structured under the guide lines of a Volunteer State Defense Force. This organizations goal is to become a recognized State Guard for the State of Pennsylvania. We are not a Militia, we are an unarmed uniformed volunteer organization. A recognized State Defense Force follows guidance from the State Guard Association of the US and falls under State Government and the National Guard once recognized.  Presently we are striving to become recognized in the State of Pennsylvania, through correspondence with the State, and by our volunteer actions in support of our comminutes, our state, and our country.

Presently our capabilities are focused on Search & Rescue. As we grow our intent is to become a State Guard Organization. Link to the State Guard Association of The United States http://www.sgaus.org/ This will give you a better understanding of what we are looking to do with this unit.

The PASDF is looking for members to join. We conduct training on a monthly basis, once a month on a designated Saturday and or Sunday, and at times respond and assist in missing persons searches or disaster relief . The organization is structured under a military type uniformed program. The age limits are 15 to 17 with parental consent and 18 – 70 for adults. For adult members there is a background check required. Anyone can join. There is no obligation or contract, other than the training we do once a month and your availability for a search in support of others in need. We are looking for retired military, prior service, any branch is welcomed. Members of the community with no experience who want to be a part of this organization. Members of the police, fire, ambulance, etc. All are welcome. To join e-mail your contact information to george.karelas@pasdf.us or submit your request through our contact page. 

Unit Locations:  Easton PA, South Williamsport PA, &  Pittsburg PA