Membership of the PA State Defense Force is made up of retired, prior military, and veterans of all branches of the US armed services and it’s Allies. Other members include local & state police municipalities, Fire, EMS, & Paramedic trained & Certified Personnel. Non prior service men or women of the community interested in serving through a uniformed organization from 18-70 years of age, and with parental consent 17 year old young adults.

All new members are screened, and require a background check. Those with any adverse record will not be permitted to join, no exceptions and no waivers permitted.

Application Instructions – Instructions; Follow each step below.

  1. E-mail communicate through our contact tab your interests in joining PASDF, you must provide a phone number, and list availability for a phone interview
  2. You will receive a call for a phone interview
  3. Application form. Fill out the application and forward it to
  4. If you are retired or prior service military, forward me a copy of your DD 214 or NGB form
  5. Forward a copy of your resume or a detailed job list.  If you have any certifications which you think may be of value to the PASDF, please forward a copy to me.
  6. Go to the Pennsylvania State Police website and apply for a PA State Police Criminal Background Check, when your background check comes in, forward a copy to me. Attachment included.
  7. Liability letter filled out. Must be notarized.
  8. Copy of your medical insurance.
  9. Go to the State Guard Association national website at to see what the State Guard Association is doing at a national level.
  10. When we receive your paperwork and you are accepted as a member of the Pennsylvania State Defense Force, you will be given directions to do an online membership at SGAUS, our national organization.

General Application – Doc (PPT)

PA State Background Check – Doc

Liability Letter – Doc