PA State Defense Force is a Volunteer Military Organization structured under the guidelines of the State Guard Association of the United States . We are not a Militia we are an unarmed uniform organization operating under a State Guard Program. Our Nation organization is The State Guard Organization of The United States. Their web page is .

Our Goal is to become recognized by the Sate of Pennsylvania and the States National Guard. As a recognized State Guard, the organization will fall directly under the guidelines of the Governor of the Sate of Pennsylvania and the PA Army National Guard TAG.

Supporting The Sate – As a State Defense Force we would Provide Assistance to State Agencies & local municipalities during the absence of the Pennsylvania National Guard and due to limited assists by; •Supporting the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), county EMA’s  and other State Homeland Security Agencies.

Render assistance to other local jurisdictions and civil disaster services agencies during training and/or emergency situations in such functions as providing trained and certified community emergency response teams (CERT); search and rescue (SAR) teams

Assisting and staffing local emergency operations and communications centers; evacuations; staffing emergency shelters and assisting with shelter management operations; providing first aid and CPR; assisting with hazardous materials incidents control etc

Act as a force multiplier to the Pennsylvania National Guard in the execution of their State Missions and their in-state federal training

Support the mobilization and deployment of State National Guard units

Perform other missions as assigned by The Adjutant General and the Governor of  State of Pennsylvania

Provide all these services on a volunteer non pay status to the State of Pennsylvania resulting is significant cost savings

What are the Benefits

Cost Effectiveness – Since all SDFs are strictly volunteer organizations, their operating budgets are comparatively minimal to non. Volunteers receive no pay or allowances for training and drill attendance, and mission support is also conducted in a non-pay status.

Alternatives to Service -The expanded use of volunteer military organizations provides an opportunity for increasing numbers of citizens to serve in a less demanding military environment than the Federal Active or Reserve military. 

A professional organization available to all levels of local and state municipalities.

Having State support illustrates the efforts of the State of Pennsylvania, & the State Governments ongoing efforts and programs in aid to its citizens